me at Sterling Hill
Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, NJ: hier bin ich, dargestellt mit einem australischen Hut.

About trades: The micromineral (MM) and micromount (MT) specimens I collect and trade are usually very, very small. Crystals range from only 0.2 mm to a maximum of about 3 mm. Many of the species I have in my collection and for trade do not occur in crystals, or are very rare in crystalline form. Minerals such as hancockite and sussexite are difficult enough to find in massive form- I've never found nor been able to purchase crystals of these.

About quality: crystals, where present, will be the best I can find. Generally speaking, there are very few specimens that are 100% or "perfect"... when you trade with me, however, I will be sending you the best specimens I have available at the time. MM=micromineral (crystals enjoyable at 10x to 30x)
MT=micromount size (very small matrix and / or very small crystals requiring 30x or higher)
TN=thumbnail specimen (larger matrix size and / or very mild magnification, 1x to 5x)

Here's what I have right now: Not much, at the moment... I have run out of several minerals.
Actinolite- MM or MT; Franklin, NJ: green to brown, flat, crystalline sprays, visible at 10x
Bementite- MM; Franklin, NJ: massive form or micaceous only; tan, brown, or beige; small samples only (5 mm). Rare. Few left.
Chlorophoenicite- MT; Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, NJ: very tiny, acicular / needle-like xx on willemite / calcite / franklinite ore. Best viewed at 20x to 30x.
Chrome-grossular - MM; Orford Nickel Mine, Ontario, Canada: small, emerald-green garnet crystals to 0.5 mm; enjoyable at 20x magnification. Matrix appears to be scapolite.
Ferroaxinite - MM or MMT - Oxford Quarry, Oxford, NJ. This material comes from an old collection, I think from the 1960's or 70's. Translucent, violet xtls to 1 mm, on an igneous matrix.
Franklinite- MM or MT; Franklin, NJ: very small, black octahedrons, visible at 10x. Micro crystals, not full size... I do not have any large Franklinite xx. Only tiny ones can be found now. These are sharp, though. Viewable at 10x to 20x. Some are best at 30x.
Hancockite- MM or small TN; Palmer Shaft, Franklin, NJ: massive form only; dull red-brown to maroon. Not very exciting to look at, but rare. I am presently trying to get some samples with micro crystals, but this has proven to be difficult.

Hardystonite- MM or small TN; unless you have a shortwave UV lamp, hardystonite is one of the least exciting minerals there is. Massive form only; gray; nondescript. Rare species, found only at Franklin, NJ.
Hemimorphite- MM; Passaic Pit, Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, NJ; crystalline sprays or aggregates, visible at 10x; some stained with clay minerals. There are usually at least a couple of very good but tiny xx in these.
Pyrite - MM; Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, NJ. Sharply-formed pyritohedrons to 1 mm; enjoyable at 10x magnification. Some have attractive, red tarnish of what may be hematite. Pyromorphite - MM - Phoenixville, PA; green, barrel-shaped crystals to 1 mm, on a matrix of earthy limonite. Nice at 10x magnification.
Quartz - MM - Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, NJ; Tiny, transparent and colorless xx to 2.5 mm, in dolomite cavities. Most can be enjoyed at 10x, but others are smaller and require 20x or better.
Quartz - MM to MT - from a highly unusual locality: Cokesbury, NJ. I have only 1 or 2 of these for trade. Transparent, colorless xx to 1.5 mm, on a matrix of tan chalcedony. Most of the xx have striations on the prism faces. Rutile- MT only; Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, NJ; VERY TINY acicular xx (0.2 to 0.5 mm long) in dolomite matrix; viewable at 40x or higher magnification; this is the typical habit of Buckwheat rutile. Truly a MICRO mineral, this is nothing like the Alpine rutile specimens you might collect in Europe.
Spinel- MM; Lime Crest Quarry, Sparta, NJ; tiny, octahedral crystals, purple to black; visible at 5x to 10x; in a matrix of calcite and chondrodite. I do not have any large spinel crystals; micros only.
Sussexite- MM or small TN; Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, NJ; massive form only; lavender or faint purple color; dull to waxy luster. Rare. I have a few samples left.
Willemite- MM or MT - Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, NJ; crude, usually distorted tan to reddish-brown xx, up to 5 mm long. Fluorescent green in SW UV.

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