Mineral-related links
For now, at least, the link categories are in seven parts... :

1. Photo Galleries and Collectors' Sites- includes sites similar to this one
2. Databases & Monograph Sites- useful for looking up mineral data or learning about specific locales
3. Mineral Museums & Clubs- the official websites of museums & clubs
4. Dealers- Minerals, UV Lamps, & General Equipment
5. Dealers- Micromounts & Micromounting Supplies
6. All-around Rockhounding websites... may overlap with several other categories.
7. Mineral Trade / Swap sites - non-profit sites, made by collectors to trade specimens with one another.

You'll notice that some links will appear in more than one category. Some links, such as Bob's Rock Shop, contain enough variety to put them in just about all the above categories...

NOTICE:  Some links may go broken.  There is not time to keep up with them all.  If you are a site owner with a broken link on this page, please send an email.

1.  Photo Galleries & Collectors' Sites

(This list is FAR from complete. Many collectors also sell minerals on the side, but full-time dealer websites are listed separately):

Bob's Rock Shop
Fluorescent Mineral Gallery
Ken's Fluorescent Mineral Page
Marco Macchieraldo's Italian Minerals
Stuart Schneider's fluorescent minerals site - web site of the author of Collecting Fluorescent Minerals.  Many great photos!
The Henri (Rik) Dillen Collection
Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks

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2.  Mineral Databases & Specialty Sites

Some of these sites have data on all known mineral species, while others include write-ups & detailed information about particular mineral localities.

Alkali-Nuts - the Mont-Saint Hilaire site!
Athena Mineralogy- extensive mineral database
Digital Rockhound's Companion
Franklin - Sterling Hill Minerals website - the Internet's "other" big Franklin / Sterling Hill minerals website
Mindat.org - comprehensive database site.  This has become one of the Internet's most popular rockhound sites.
Mineral Classification list - all known species
Mineralogy Database
Palache Online- the famous work by Charles Palache (1935), now on the web
RBmineral, Stuttgart - Website über die Mineralien von Grube Clara- auf deutsch
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3.  Mineral Clubs, Magazines, & Museums On-line

A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum (Michigan)
Boston Mineral Club
EFMLS home page
Fluorescent Mineral Society
Franklin Mineral Museum
Mineralogical Record magazine
Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium
New Zealand Micro-mineral Club
Sterling Hill Mining Museum- Official Page
U.S. Mineral Club Listing

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4.  Places to buy Minerals, UV Lamps, Tumblers, & General Equipment

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Alessandro Genazzani's Italian Minerals
CR Scientific - Franklin / Sterling & worldwide mineral specimens; microscopes, Belomo 10x triplet loupes, "Perky boxes", platinum wire, & more
Dad's Rock Shop
Dakota Matrix Minerals
Excalibur Mineral Company- Many rare mineral species
Gary's Gem Garden - a big rock shop in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (near Philadelphia)
John Betts Fine Minerals
Marco Macchieraldo's Italian Minerals
MINRESCO Mineralogical Supplies
OsoSoft (Labeling Software & more)
Pickens Minerals
RockTumblers.com - everything rock tumbling.  They sell Raytech, Lortone, & Thumler's.
Stuart Schneider's website has some Franklin minerals for sale

The Mineral Gallery

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5.  Places to buy Microminerals & Related Supplies

CR Scientific - Stereo inspection scopes for viewing minerals; Amac M-511 boxes;  Micromineral specimens; etc.
Element 51 - microminerals and mounting supplies
Eureka Microminerals
Excalibur Mineral Company - analytical services; rare minerals; loupes, etc.
KQ's Minerals- "Fine Minerals For All Levels of Collectors"
Marin Mineral Company- mixed minerals, flats, more
MINRESCO Mineralogical Supplies
Sauktown Sales- great source of microminerals, boxes, & corks
Simkev Micromounts - fine micromounts for the discriminating collector - since 1979
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6.  All-around Rockhounding & General Geology sites

Again, there may be considerable overlap in the contents of these sites. Listed below are ones that have a large cross-section of content... think of them as "portals" to the Internet community of rock / fossil / mineral information.

About.com- Mineral Collecting- articles, reviews, links
Cyberwall: Rockhounding & Mineral Collecting
Bob's Rock Shop - oops, there it is again : ) huge site
Canuck Links - Canadian page of mineral / geology / lapidary links
more mineral links
Rockhounders.com- articles, collecting area reviews, and much more
The Vug huge portal site - featuring over 600 categorized links to mineral, fossil, gem, lapidary, club and information web sites.
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7.  Trade / Swap Websites


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