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The Story of a Large Cent

Chris's Mineral Collecting Page is mainly about [what else?] mineral collecting, but I thought I'd put a little bit of Treasure Hunting stuff up here as well... I may start enlarging this little sub-section if time allows.  Behold, Chris's Metal Detecting Page. 

One day I was hunting one of my regular sites using an Explorer XS.  I had it fitted with the SunRay 8" coil.  As usual, I dug plenty of old iron junk.  There was one particular area that sometimes yielded older coins, so I decided to dig a few of the more "iffy" signals.

I got an iffy signal, which on most days I'd ignore.  I can't really describe it.  It didn't sound like the typical coin.  It sounded more like a deeply-buried square nail or some other piece of half rusted away iron junk I had gotten used to finding.

I went ahead and dug it anyway.  I figured after hundreds of pieces of junk, at least one of them had to be something good.  In the back of my mind was Thomas Dankowski's article about digging all the "junk" signals and finding some good coins.

Anyway, that iffy signal was something good this time:  a little over 8 inches down, I found an 1807 large cent!  The hair detail was fairly sharp, considering this coin had probably been in the ground almost 200 years.

This was one coin I decided to get restored.  To me this one was worth it.  I sent it out to CRS (Allen Stockton), and he did a nice job on it.  Considering how corroded it was, I think the coin came out very, very well:

In case I'm lucky enough to find any other real "keepers" like this, I'll keep Mr. Stockton's address handy.

In the meantime I'll be out there whenever I can, alternately sweeping areas with the Explorer XS and the Tejon.  Both of them perform about equally well, the differences between them being mostly a matter of preference.

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